HTS-USA Clearspan Structures
Innovative Temporary Space Systems

HTS-USA Clearspan Structures leads in the design, manufacture and sale of high quality temporary and semi-permanent structure systems for events, venues, sports, military, aviation and general industry.

With three strategically placed USA sales offices and our headquarters in Germany, our extensive range of event tents and modular building systems are distributed globally – ensuring fast response times, factory-direct dispatch, expert product knowledge and competitive pricing.

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Pagoda Structures

The Pagoda structures are available in sizes from 3.00m – 20.00m and combine traditional tent design with high-tech innovation. The Pagoda range is defined by their impressive high peaked roof and an architecturally pleasing, yet extremely functional design.

The versatility of Pagodas makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications such as: entrance canopies, wedding receptions or eye-catching exhibition and trade stands.

Pagoda Marquee Manufacture & Sales by HTS

HTS (PZ) Party Tent Structures

Available in clear-span widths from 3.00 – 10.00m with a standard eave height of 2.30m the HTS (PZ) Party Tent, designed by Heinz Röder, is a lightweight yet highly durable tent system with fast installation and dismantling times.

The modular design of all HTS (PZ) Party Tents means any length can be achieved by extending in 3.00m increments. This Party Tent system is available in a variety of attractive frame designs including Classic “A”-frame, Curved, Hexagonal, Octagonal and High Peaked designs.

HTS (GZ) Large Event Structures

The HTS (GZ) Large Event Structure range, designed by Heinz Röder, is available in clear span widths from 10.00m – 60.00m and standard eave heights of 2.40m / 3.00m and 4.00m. This Large Event Structure range accommodates every event in utmost comfort and style.

All HTS (GZ) Large Event Structure systems follow the same modular design concept and are available in numerous different shapes and sizes including classic “A” frame, curved roof, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal, star-shaped and multi-peaked structures.

HÖCKER P-Series Structures

HÖCKER P-SERIES tents are manufactured in clear span widths of 3.00m through to 12.00m. This timeless and popular tent system has a fixed eave height of 2.40m and a modular design, enabling the tent to increase to any length in increments of 3.00m.

Lightweight, versatile and highly robust, the economical P-SERIES tent range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit most budgets and applications. It is widely used around the globe by leading event industry rental companies and end users alike.

HÖCKER F-Series Structures

The HÖCKER F-SERIES tent system has evolved over half a century into one of today’s leading clear span tent systems. F-SERIES tent structures are available in a variety of modular shapes and sizes from 10.00m – 60.00m in clear span width, with varying eave heights from 2.66m – 6.00m.

Ideal for event rental companies and as additional event space for venues the F-SERIES range provides numerous size and aesthetically pleasing options including the “A” Framed or Curved rafter structure, High Peak or Multi-Sided design.

Höcker F-Series Marquee

Compatible Structures

The Compatible Structures range from HTS-USA are designed and engineered to be 100% compatible with tent systems available from alternative leading manufacturers.

This means that instead of being locked into one supplier for your tent system you have an alternative supply channel enabling you to choose the best overall package in terms of quality, lead times and price. This could be for spare parts, extension bays, ancillary items or complete new tent structures.

Multi-Level Structures

An extensive range of two and three storey temporary structures sets a new benchmark in temporary space systems. Thanks to innovative design features, Multi-level structures combine stunning designs with perfect vantage points and ultimate space saving solutions.

Multi-level structures are an ideal solution for a diverse range of applications covering events and hospitality, exhibitions and general industry. All Multi-level structures share the same modular base and are available with a choice of either classic “A” frame, curved, semi-curved or multi-peaked frame design on the upper level.

Industrial Buildings

Available in widths from 5.00m – 30.00m, eave heights from 3.00m – 6.20m and unlimited length, the range of Business and industrial modular buildings offer significant financial and operational advantages when compared with traditional building methods.

This innovative structure system can be supplied as either a non-insulated or fully insulated “energy efficient” building and is ideal for warehouses, workshops, logistics, supermarkets, sports and productions halls.

Military Shelters

The comprehensive range of Rapid Deployment Shelters (RDS) are suitable for both military and humanitarian use and available in a variety of sizes and designs for living areas, equipment storage, operational offices, maintenance workshops and aircraft.

Decades of military shelter design, engineering, and testing has ensured that HTS-USA is among the world’s leading manufacturers of military and aid shelter systems fully tested to perform in the world’s most extreme and demanding environments.

Sports Structures

Our versatile range of energy efficient Sports Structure systems are specifically designed to provide the perfect environment for a vast array of sporting activities.

Due to the modular design features, varied widths and impressive unobstructed internal heights our Sports Structures are an ideal solution for multiple applications including racquet sports, swimming pool covers, equestrian sports and skate parks – whatever the activity, we have it covered!

Sport Marquee

Custom Structures

HTS-USA leads in the design and manufacture of custom built demountable temporary structures. A combination of skill, expertise, technology and advanced production methods together with decades of valuable experience in this field have enabled our company to excel in this specialized area.

Structures are designed and supplied according to client’s unique requirements so whatever the design criteria, contact HTS-USA and allow us to convert your concept into reality.