Custom-designed semi-permanent buildings for airports worldwide

We can provide the following airport buildings as a standard or customized design

  • Terminals
  • Arrival halls
  • Baggage handling areas
  • Airplane hangars
  • Logistics centres
  • Storage and warehouse buildings
  • Canopies

All terminals and passenger areas can be supplied with all the necessary equipment including baggage handling systems, screening, video surveillance, counters, PA systems, furniture, fire detection and much more.


What’s the benefit of choosing a HTS-USA airport building?

Experience – HTS-USA are proven experts in this specialist sector having successfully delivered schemes of all sizes; baggage canopies through to fully functional airport terminals.

Speed – although often custom designed, we can produce a project specific structure and install it much quicker than a more traditional development.

Flexibility – once installed our buildings remain fully demountable meaning you have the flexibility to dismantle, remove, re-sell, relocate or modify with ease.

Expertise – choosing HTS-USA for your project means you will benefit from over 55 years’ industry experience and a design and manufacturing capability from one of the largest and most technically advanced production centres of its type in Europe.

Quality – we have achieved ISO 9001 certification and are an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

When would you use a HTS-USA airport building?

Alternative to traditional development
Large development projects can drag on for months and years in some cases.   Then there is the expense and commitment that comes with a permanent structure.   Choosing a HTS-USA semi-permanent airport terminal means you can get an equivalent building in a fraction of the time and cost.

An unforeseen peak in seasonality for either passengers or goods could start to put pressure on existing airport facilities, causing frustration, delays and complaints. Without committing long-term this increase can be accommodated quickly, easily and effectively with a semi-permanent airport building terminal or new logistics centre.

Fire damage
Fire damage can wreak havoc on any airport impacting passenger travel and cargo services.   The ability to have space provided quickly to keep the airport operating at full facility is essential and a proven solution for HTS structures.

To avoid refurbishment projects putting airport terminal space or storage areas out of action, temporary space can be installed for the duration of the project.  Once facilities and projects are finished the temporary facility can be easily dismantled and removed.

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