HTS industrial and commercial tents are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your operational space for temporary or permanent use.

Our demountable industrial buildings are fast, affordable and durable providing on-site space for 6 months up to fifteen years and beyond.

The range of buildings we provide for temporary and permanent uses includes:

  • Industrial storage buildings
  • Temporary warehouses
  • Industrial storage canopies
  • Loading bay canopies
  • Workshops
  • Waste and recycling buildings
  • Retail and trade units
  • Car showrooms
  • Leisure facilities
  • Educational buildings

Choosing an industrial temporary building instead of a permanent building or leasing industrial space off-site comes with significant commercial and business benefits:

Benefits of using a HTS Industrial tents:

Speed  – you can have a typical warehouse building installed on your site and ready to use in under a week.

Budget – as tents can be built directly onto existing hard ground you don’t need the significant costs associated with groundworks.

Flexible  – you can hire or purchase your building keeping budgets flexible.  You can also easily dismantle, remove, relocate, re-sell or modify your building keeping business choices flexible.

Durable – despite the demountable aspect of our buildings they are extremely durable and can be fully operational for fifteen years plus.

Economical – translucent roofing system means minimal lighting costs are needed during daylight.

Why choose HTS-Industrial for your temporary building?

Quite simply we are the industry standard.  We are the industry’s primary provider of industrial temporary building to suppliers and end user customers.

Choose us and you will get a brand new fully warranted building designed and manufactured at our German production centre; one of the most technically advanced and largest of its kind of Europe.

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