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A choice of non-insulated or insulated wall cladding, pedestrian and vehicle access doors, dividing screens, lighting, heating, HVAC.

ABS Solid Wall

Aluminum Cassette Flooring

Bar Tensioned Roof

Clear Poly-glass Roof

Composite Wall and Solid Gable

Corrugated Steel Sheet Wall

Double Entrance / Exit Door

Double Exit Door

External and Internal Lighting

Gable Air Vent

Gutter System

Heavy Duty Floor

Horizontal Composite Wall

Horizontal Glass Wall

HV/AC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning)


Overhead Door Canopy

Panoramic Poly-glass Window Wall

Personnel Door

Portal Beam to Replace ‘X’ Bracing

PVC Side Wall

Rafter Cover Flap

Roller Shutter Door

Single Entrance/ Exit Door

Single Layer PVC Gable

Single Layer PVC Roof

Sliding Glass Wall

Steel Sub-frame Flooring

Thermo Inflatable PVC Gable

Thermo Inflatable PVC Roof

Transportation Racks for all Components

Vertical Glass Wall